Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunrise and rest

This morning we went on a sunrise hike in a local park.  When Phil said he wanted to get up at 5 on a Saturday to watch the sun rise, I was not so thrilled. I didn't sleep a whole lot, thanks to a phone that decided to chirp all night, so when 5 am rolled around I was already half awake.  I am the first to claim I am NOT a morning person, but every time I get up that early I am amazed at how my day goes.  One would think that I would be grumpier, more easily irritated etc, but there is something about the early morning that rests me.... Rest.  That theme has been rampant in my blog followings this week.  It's ironic how we have to figure out how to rest in this generation.  I think most of it is because we are constantly working, or looking, or learning, or gathering.  I remember my neighbor always sitting in her yard.  She woke well before sunrise.. usually around 3, and by lunch would just sit in the yard with her dog.  Sometimes in the front talking to the kids as we played.  Sometimes in the back with her eyes shut, or reading a magazine.  I'm jealous of that time.  Some would have said she was lazy, but anyone who knew her was well aware of the level of work she did prior to any of us noticing the day had come!  I don't know how to sit and do nothing sometimes.  I can read, but while I'm reading my mind is traveling a million miles a minute thinking of all the things I have yet to do today.  All that to say an early morning hike is the perfect rest for me.  Watching the sun come up over the mountains.  Just sitting for a few minutes and listening to the birds sing.  I had to remind my kids several times to just be quiet.  There is noise all around us, but do we listen?  Do we take the time to sit and revel in Gods glory?  Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God! I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!"  I want to make sure that I am being still so that when God is exalted I am aware of it!  How many times to we listen to all the clamor and miss that still small voice.  Over the next few weeks I will be recounting our journey to Arizona.  I was encouraged to start a journal with our story, and I've decided I need to write it out here as well.  I know there aren't many that follow me, but maybe I can encourage someone to hear in the stillness!!  Just because it's quiet doesn't mean God's not moving! 


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Friday, September 19, 2014


Apparently I can blog from my phone. So for the 4 people who told me this week "you need to start blogging again"... I'm back! And mobile :-) ~L

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Grace by Laura Story .  That says everything.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Invitation shock

My Kait was invited to her first non-family birthday party!!!  It’s an exciting day.  The thing that makes it even more wonderful is that this is for a girl that isn’t in Kaitlyn’s class and doesn’t even go to our church!  We went to another church for a few months when we first moved here.  I made friends with a girl who’s sister I graduated with.  Anyway, this gals brother-in-law is severely Autistic and she has made a point to check up with me every now and again.  She e-mailed a week or so ago and asked if she could invite Kaitlyn to her daughters 7th birthday.  I was so taken aback.  I can’t get over the thoughtfulness.  To include a child simply because you know it is difficult for her to make friends.  Things like this just make me smile.  Perhaps we will have real friends after all!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Someone asked me the other day if I blogged anymore.  I have to admit I’m kind of off the whole blog thing.  But, if I admit that, I have to admit also that I kind of feel a bit dead inside- creatively that is.  One would think that I, being a creative personality, would do more in that department.  My home would be filled with things I've made, my children would have lists of activities we've done together.  I’d be a perfect room-mother right?  Organized, creative, job-free.  WRONG!!  I’m just too tired I guess.  But then I’m dead.  Creativity gives me life, an outlet, but right now I feel so creativeless!!  My creative brain says “make the valentines for your kids classes” my logical brain says “take a nap.”  I hear, “it’s just your season of life right now”.  I know that, but it doesn't make me feel any better about what I am not doing.  Pinterest is incredible.. Love the ideas, cringe at the time (and sometimes money) involved,  But the whole of the matter is that I am a personality that needs, not just likes, but actually NEEDS to create.  Something, at some point in time.  I’m working on it…… but today I’m going to take a nap!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

One year

It's hard for me to believe that one year ago today we were anxiously awaiting word on the closing for our house.  It has been a crazy year.  We got the keys for our house on December 5, 2011.  Then the work started.  Walls being torn down, electrical and plumbing work being fixed, carpeting removed and replaced, flooring removed and replaced.  Walls built back into new places.  This house has seen a complete transformation.  It was wonderful to be able to decorate this week for our first Christmas here.  Last year it still felt like we were in transition. Being able to live with my mom was a huge blessing, but it did make the Christmas holiday seem kind of lost in a way.  We were so busy working it passed with very little celebration.  We moved into our house on January 28, 2012.  By that time Kaitlyn was in school and we were not happy with her placement.  I learned how to truly fight the system. In May Joey was born and summer was a blur of diapers, feedings and giggles.  School started in August and I felt like my head may actually get a chance to slow down.  Then I blinked and Thanksgiving took center stage. And now here we are, preparing again for Christmas.  

We celebrate the tradition of Advent, so our Christmas celebration is the entire month of December.  Monday I start my own personal Advent study and the following Sunday we start our family study.  For any Christian that doesn't incorporate Advent into their Christmas tradition, it is an amazing thing to do.  The four weeks before Christmas is a study into the reason for Christ.  We celebrate Hope on week one, Peace on week two, Joy week three and Love week four.  Hope looks into the expectation of Christ by looking at prophetic passages as well as looking to His second coming.  Peace celebrates the peace we can have because of Christ, Joy the incredible ability we have to be joyous in everything because of Christ and Love celebrates the love God showed toward us by sending Christ to die in our place.  In the center of our wreath is the eternity candle, symbolizing the everlasting life we can have because of Christ.  It really is a fantastic tradition, and one I hope my kids will carry on with their children.  

So that is that... a full, busy, crazy but joyous year.  So many things to be thankful for.  I am VERY thankful to be home after 10 years.  I have loved each and every place we have lived for a different reason, but I think I can truly say that this is, by far, my favorite place!!  What a holiday season this will be!!!
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