Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's amazing the things that our kids can remind us of. As I was encouraging them once again today to "sit down and eat!" I got to thinking about how often God has to remind me to do the same thing. How often I sit at His table and just talk and talk and never take in any nutrition. It doesn't do me any good if it just sits on my plate. Some days we don't like to eat the vegetables and fruit. We just want the good stuff. The easy stuff. Give me mashed potatoes and gravy any day, but hit me with some broccoli and I might just sit back in my chair and stop eating for a while. But just as my kids need to finish the broccoli and meat and not just the macaroni, so I need to eat the meat of the word. I need to take the time each day to digest what is on my plate. Chicken soup is great when we're sick, but if it's all we ever eat we'll never grow.

We've been working on the potty thing for a while. For some reason it's just not catching on like I thought it would. I guess my kids don't mind smelling like a garbage dump! This week I decided that I'm not buying any more diapers (well at least for the ones over 1 year of age!). I have a drawer full of pretty panties. Any girly thing you can name, princesses, fairies, ponies, flowers.... we have it all. I thought it would be encouraging to not get the pretty panties messy... I was wrong! Now we just cry when they get dirty and have to go to the scary basement. Well, we had a break-through today. Ariel is the ticket. Forget Snow White and Cinderella. We could care less about Tinkerbell.... but Ariel! Now she's special. We CERTAINLY don't want to get HER dirty!!! We had more potty time today than we have all week! Mommy needs to figure out how I am supposed to feed the baby, have 2 girls on the potty, answer the phone and get dinner started all at the same time! Well, my "work" may not have gotten done the way I would have liked today. I didn't get my practice time in, but if that's what I have to give up in order to have diaper free girls I'll gladly resign!


  1. You know, I was just reading part of a commentary and it was talking about making spiritual applications for the simple, everyday things in life. And this was a perfect example of that! This encouraged my heart, friend!
    love ya

  2. It really is hard to potty train sometimes! Graham was 31/2. I didnt push it though...just waited til he was ready and went fine after that. Be patient...I know its hard. Im there too!! Just today I was frustrated because my house is dirty and I havent had the time to do cleaning because if one kid isnt getting into trouble, Im trying to school Graham, make lunch, clean up breakfast and I get everything caught up, get the vaccuum out and the baby starts crying...AAAAHHHHH!!! =) But these days wont last forever! As soon as we know it the kids will be grown, and not want to hug us and give us kisses. They will be too busy with their friends to tell us all their cherish the moments now...we wont ever get these days back again!! Love you.

  3. yea I understand your potty training pain!! Brian pooped in his underwear in the closet 3 times a day for 3 months. He enjoyed the negative attention. I finally just started ignoring him when he pooped and would change him in silence and two days later he pooped in the potty. Been pooping ever since! Just think, potty training is testing your patience for the teenage years:) lol Your a good mom! Just keep doing what your doing, kids are way to hard to figure out! :) Love ya!


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