Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 4- Something I do every day

There are a lot of things I do every day... but kissing my hubby is by far the BEST!!!

That's right folks... I kiss my hubby EVERY day! It's the only way


  1. Wow, how sweet. I hadn't thought of this.

    I don't know that we kiss every day, i think we do. We do make it a ritual to say "I love you" multiple times. And i always say "thank you" because (even after almost 5 years of marriage) he always holds the door for me.

    LOL. I'm dyslexic, & when typing i often reverse letters. The most common ones i reverse are "s" & "l." So you figure out what i wrote about my husband & i "kissing" each other ! LOL

  2. Love it. I love the way you set the photo up too! How sweet.

  3. That's awesome! This is my favorite one! :)

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  5. Important to your kids to see Mommy and Daddy love each other and help them feel secure! And I'm glad my brother and his wife love each other too! That is a great way to show it! =)


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