Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy dizzy

Ok, so since my surgery on Friday I've been seriously dizzy. I know it's to be expected, but I forgot just how dizzy I get! You don't realize how much you're ears actually do until one of them is totally incapacitated. Everyone knows that we hear with our ears, but did you know that when one of your ears is messed up, you can feel like you're always on a boat? That's not so much of a problem when you just have to recover... read, watch tv, talk to your boyfriend on the phone.... but when you have 3 small children who you are constantly tripping over, being on a boat in your head doesn't help!!! Once this packing dissolves it should get better... for now, don't come over! My floor hasn't been washed in *gasp* 5 days! I can't believe I just admitted that!!! Today I did the dishes.... tomorrow perhaps I'll clean the bathrooms :o)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surgery post

(note hubby put on our family board yesterday after surgery)

You all probably know that Lydia has been having hearing problems again, and she was scheduled to have surgery this morning. We went to the OSU hospital this morning at 5AM. She was scheduled for operation on her right ear at 7AM.

The operation was somewhat "exploratory". The doctor knew there was something behind her ear drum, but unsure if it was cartilage, fluid, or who knows what. Praise the Lord, it wasn't anything too major. After pre-op & some discovery, she was only in the OR for about 45min-1h.

I met with the doctor afterward & he explained there was no fluid behind the ear drum (good!). What appears to have happened is during her surgery 10y ago, they used cartilage underneath her eardrum to stabilize it. Either right away or over time, that cartilage had fallen down on one side and was resting against one of the three bones in her ear, thus causing significant hearing loss. He said there appears to be no damage to her bones, everything works fine & all he had to do was trim and remove the cartilage that wasn't in the right place. Unless scar tissue builds up where he cut out the cartilage, she should not have the same problem again. Lydia right now is very sleepy, but is doing well. They didn't have to shave any hair off her head, and there's no bandage going all the way around her head this time around, just a cotton ball in her ear!

We will have to wait a few weeks for healing to see what this surgery truly means for her hearing... I assume she will have to have a hearing reevaluation and go from there. Thank you to all who have been praying!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 1

Well, I realized that I haven't said anything about K's first week of school. I meant to write this weekend, but we had friends down for the weekend. Saturday we had a cook-out/ birthday party for A (Sunday was her 2nd birthday) and then Sunday all three kids woke up sick. Anyhow, she talks about her new friends and jumping like a frog (the teachers name is Mrs Fogt (vote with an F) and so their class is called "Mrs Fogt's Frogs"). I'm not sure what she's been learning, but I know she's learning something! She has started to pretend more... well, maybe not more but she's actually trying to involve me and A when she's playing, HUGE!!! A keeps talking about the "yehyow buh" that K takes to school. It's cute to hear them talk about it. I swear they understand each other better than I understand them! Friday K left a balloon flower she made on the bus. A little while after she got dropped off (she's the last one to get dropped off) her bus driver rang the door bell. She brought K's flower back! Not many bus drivers would care! :o) That was big to me. Her teacher wrote this weekend and said that she's doing really well in class. She's apparently starting to participate a lot more. I think now that she's starting to make friends it's easier. She's exhausted when she gets home... Friday she fell asleep on the way home. But the girls have "quiet book time" while I'm getting dinner ready. Typically A has just woken up and she's not ready to play anyhow. They eventually start talking about the "yehyow buh" and then play or dance. So far, so good! Thank you all for your prayers. I'm amazed at how much K is talking since last week! Just that is a marked improvement. Maybe we will be ready for regular kindergarten at 6!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, for those that don't know what this pre-k thing is all about... K has been diagnosed with a learning delay. We thought it was a speech issue, so we had her tested. Her speech, as far as how she makes sounds and the quality of what she says, tested a 108 on a scale of 100. Then we were left to figure out what was the issue if it wasn't speech. The speech pathologist recommended that we have her evaluated by the school system. So we did that last month. I had her IEP (evaluation) meeting yesterday and learned that her score, on a scale where 100 is average, was a 74. This is MUCH lower than I had anticipated, so obviously I'm having a little trouble with the news. I knew we had some issues, but I didn't think it was that bad. She is almost 3 standard deviations below average... pretty significant. So what can we do for her? Well, she was accepted into the special needs pre-k here in Hilliard... AWESOME school!!! I can't say enough about the people that I have met, and every one I talk to has nothing but good things to say about the school. That makes me a little excited to get started. I figured with it being the end of the year, she would be starting in the fall. The teachers, therapists, psychologists and administrator all felt that it would be very beneficial to K to start this week. They had her scheduled to start today (Tuesday) but after discussing some different things that she'll be doing, it was decided that it would also be beneficial for her to ride the bus to school. This is a bus ONLY for the Pre-K. There is an aid as well as a driver on the bus, I put her on, her teacher takes her off. This is going to help her build her independence they say. I think it's more to help mom let go! As all moms are on their first kids first day of school, I am nervous and excited for her. Scared and sad for me. I can't believe that my baby is old enough to be going to school, let alone to be riding a bus with out mommy! She will be in school through the end of this year (their last day is May 22) and then she will start up again in an all 4 year old class on August 25. She will be seeing a speech therapist and an occupational therapist both once a week. Her teacher will be working on behavior modification and cognitive therapy with her every day.

For all those that have been praying with us through this ordeal, thank you! Please keep praying through the end of school. The teachers are going to be working with her and giving me ideas on how to work with her through the summer, so pray for patience for me! Sometimes it's hard to determine what is willful and what truly isn't understood! I (we) really do appreciate all your prayers, and your continued support :o)

Love to all...
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