Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surgery post

(note hubby put on our family board yesterday after surgery)

You all probably know that Lydia has been having hearing problems again, and she was scheduled to have surgery this morning. We went to the OSU hospital this morning at 5AM. She was scheduled for operation on her right ear at 7AM.

The operation was somewhat "exploratory". The doctor knew there was something behind her ear drum, but unsure if it was cartilage, fluid, or who knows what. Praise the Lord, it wasn't anything too major. After pre-op & some discovery, she was only in the OR for about 45min-1h.

I met with the doctor afterward & he explained there was no fluid behind the ear drum (good!). What appears to have happened is during her surgery 10y ago, they used cartilage underneath her eardrum to stabilize it. Either right away or over time, that cartilage had fallen down on one side and was resting against one of the three bones in her ear, thus causing significant hearing loss. He said there appears to be no damage to her bones, everything works fine & all he had to do was trim and remove the cartilage that wasn't in the right place. Unless scar tissue builds up where he cut out the cartilage, she should not have the same problem again. Lydia right now is very sleepy, but is doing well. They didn't have to shave any hair off her head, and there's no bandage going all the way around her head this time around, just a cotton ball in her ear!

We will have to wait a few weeks for healing to see what this surgery truly means for her hearing... I assume she will have to have a hearing reevaluation and go from there. Thank you to all who have been praying!

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