Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 1

Well, I realized that I haven't said anything about K's first week of school. I meant to write this weekend, but we had friends down for the weekend. Saturday we had a cook-out/ birthday party for A (Sunday was her 2nd birthday) and then Sunday all three kids woke up sick. Anyhow, she talks about her new friends and jumping like a frog (the teachers name is Mrs Fogt (vote with an F) and so their class is called "Mrs Fogt's Frogs"). I'm not sure what she's been learning, but I know she's learning something! She has started to pretend more... well, maybe not more but she's actually trying to involve me and A when she's playing, HUGE!!! A keeps talking about the "yehyow buh" that K takes to school. It's cute to hear them talk about it. I swear they understand each other better than I understand them! Friday K left a balloon flower she made on the bus. A little while after she got dropped off (she's the last one to get dropped off) her bus driver rang the door bell. She brought K's flower back! Not many bus drivers would care! :o) That was big to me. Her teacher wrote this weekend and said that she's doing really well in class. She's apparently starting to participate a lot more. I think now that she's starting to make friends it's easier. She's exhausted when she gets home... Friday she fell asleep on the way home. But the girls have "quiet book time" while I'm getting dinner ready. Typically A has just woken up and she's not ready to play anyhow. They eventually start talking about the "yehyow buh" and then play or dance. So far, so good! Thank you all for your prayers. I'm amazed at how much K is talking since last week! Just that is a marked improvement. Maybe we will be ready for regular kindergarten at 6!

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  1. What a praise that you can see improvement so soon. Like everything in life there will probably be progress, & occasional set backs, but how we rejoice with you in these good things!
    and of course
    will continue to pray....


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