Friday, June 19, 2009

My thumb is turning green!

Ok, so my friend posted a thing about her garden and it got me thinking that certain people, namely my mother, haven't seen my garden since it has been green. So for those that care, and those that don't but read my blog anyhow... here are some pictures of my now producing garden. We have eaten the first fruits of lettuce and spinach, I have already made 3 batches of pesto with my herbs, and I have a tomato (plus a bunch of buds) and several peppers growing. I think I can do this! These pictures are taken from the office window.

L to R: Spinach (harvested 2 days ago) Lettuce (harvested 2 days ago) Carrots and Onions

L to R: Mini pumpkin, butternut squash, zuchini, cucumbers. In the center are 1 each of Cherry tomato, Big boy tomato, red, green and habenaro peppers.

I know this is the wrong way, but oh well. Ok, so the far pot (on the left in this case) has Parsley and Oregano in it, the brown one in the middle is rosemary and the end is basil and thyme.

Not to bad for a first garden if I say so myself!

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