Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just for Ali

:) I'm writing... does that make it better Ali? Seriously, I've been crunched the last few weeks. July 4th I was seriously looking forward to heading to a friends party, but wouldn't you know it, the kids all woke up with runny noses and coughs. So, being the good mommy that I am, we opted to stay home and watch the fireworks on TV... so not the same! The next morning, no one was better, but we had obligations at church. We stayed home in the evening though because everyone was miserable. By Wednesday no one was really any better, but C woke up with a 103 fever... by 6:30 (even after dosing him all day with Motrin and Tylenol) it was 105.8. I called the Dr, she said if it doesn't go down in an hour (after bath and more Tylenol) to call. Well, it didn't go down, so I called back. Of course, now it's after hours, and the on call nurse decided that I didn't need to talk to the dr, I just needed to stay calm because this isn't unusual for infants. YEAH RIGHT!!! Don't tell a mother that has been dealing with three sick kids for several days, to "stay calm". We went the the urgent care. His fever was still above 104 when we were there so they gave him a HUGE dose of Motrin. Then we saw the dr and he looked in C's throat to find blisters down his throat and on his tonsils... fun! No wonder he wouldn't eat! Well, apparently this is a strain of the common, hand, foot mouth desiese. Just let him get over it and try to keep him hydrated. Finally on Thursday his fever broke.... but that night A had a fever. By Friday her's was above 103 and she was miserable. On Saturday K woke up with a fever and a weird rash. We went to the Dr and found out that her eczema was apparently aggravated by the fever. It was much fun trying to keep them all happy and hydrated. On Sunday I woke up with the fever. I stayed in bed all day and my wonderful husband took care of the now perky kids. Monday I didn't feel much better, but at least my fever was gone... but then Tuesday hubby woke up with the fever. AHHHHHHHH. It was starting to feel as though we would never get better. But here we are, two weeks have passed from that last fever, and we are all still healthy.

The summer has passed me by it seems. We got home from vacation just in time to get sick and we have recovered just in time to prepare for school (which starts 3 weeks from Tuesday!). What happened to my "I'm going to get a tan this summer" goal??? Well, I guess I can blame that on the weather! It certainly hasn't been a warm July!

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  1. Thanks Lydia! I do so enjoy reading your Blog. You have a knack for writing!! The Lord is so good to get us through the hard times!


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