Monday, September 14, 2009

Beginning again

Well, it's been a little while since I've posted... yet again :) In the interim we have started school, gone on vacation, hubby has hired and lost an employee and I have started working. Business is the key to preventing boredom. K started school August 25th. She's loving every minute of it. Her speech has begun to improve and she is interacting more with other kids. It's nice to see her not just turn and walk away when another kid at the park comes up and asks her to play. She's interacting better with A too. It's cute to see them get so excited to see each other when K comes home on the yehyow buh. A will run to the circle (a chalk circle I drew on the sidewalk for K to stand in until her aid comes off the bus to get her) and jump up and down until K gets off. Then they will hug and K says "Oh A, I missa you!" It warms my heart :)

We went on vacation last week.... and all came home with the flu. YUCK!! We had a wonderful time though. We went to an indoor water-park/resort called Kalahari. It's about 1 1/2 hrs from here and WELL worth the trip! The kids had a blast. The morning after we got home they kept asking if we could go back to the pool. Hubby tried to slow himself down on a body slide and thus has nasty "rug" burn on his elbows, but other than that we were injury free. We will definitely be going back.

Hubby also had an interesting few weeks at work. He lost an employee this spring and has been trying to fill the slot since. Another branch transferred someone over, and all was well. It was nice to not have to go through training. Well... after about 3 weeks, she gave her 2 weeks notice. She had been with the company for several years, but was offered another position with another company that she felt she couldn't pass up. So, we're back to square one. With everyone looking for work you'd think it wouldn't be so difficult to find someone!!

I started working as well. I'm working from home with a company called Arbonne ( We are an all natural health and wellness company. I'm loving it. I started using the products about a year ago, but felt that I was too busy at the time to do anything with the business. With a new house, a new baby, and a new dog I didn't feel I could fit anything else in! I'm glad I waited because now I'm able to totally devote myself to this company, and it's been well worth it. I'm in qualifications to becoming a district manager (the first of 4 levels) and am making my plans to get to area manager (#2 level) by the end of this year. Hubby has been totally supportive. My only wish was that I had more friends closer to me that could get involved with me. I'm making friends too though, which is another HUGE plus for me. I get lonely in my little corner of the world! :) At least I know I can bore you all..... whoever you all are! Writing a blog is a lot like talking to myself... except it's not thought of as crazy!

Well... that's that. I'm going to go blow my nose raw and take a nap!

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