Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A date with my daughter

So I needed to get some Christmas shopping done. Not something I look forward to doing this time of year, especially when I have to do it alone with three children that just want to touch everything!! So yesterday I decided I would go in the evening after Hubs got home. K has been having some attitude issues and a girlfriend of mine suggested that perhaps some of the trouble is feeling that she not getting any attention. So, I decided why not? I'll take her with me. It won't be as bad as taking all three with me, and she's big enough to walk by herself and pick out gifts for certain people. So off we went. From the time we got in the car until we got home, her little mouth never stopped. I don't know what all she was talking about, but boy did she have a lot to tell me! It was rather cute. She picked out presents for her grandparents and for her sister, and we just had a wonderful time of it. We'll have to plan on doing this more often. Today, the attitude problem is just a memory! YAY!!!! Thank you Shell :) I love the way kids interpret what we tell them too. On the way home she was talking about the gift she got for her sister, and "Do you love it mom? I want to wear it." So I told her, don't say anything to A about it, ok? It's a secret. She'll get it on Christmas.... so what does she do the second we walk in the door? She didn't tell A... I told her not to, that would be disobeying. NO she comes in and says in her toddler whisper (which is our version of normal conversation volume) "Guess what Da!! I got a pink Dora nightgown. Don't tell A, it's a secret!" Thankfully A has a rather short memory!!

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