Monday, February 1, 2010

WHAT did I just say?!?!?!?!

I know there are things that every mother says they "Will never say" to their child. Chances are, if you're anything like me, you have said pretty much everything you'd never say! Well, today I said something that never in a million years did I ever think would come out of my mouth. I actually had to stop and realize that I said it. My girls never really invoked these types of things. They just aren't that way. Yes, they need the occasional "No, don't touch the dogs butt" and "If you put that in your ear it's going to get stuck".. but never, not once in the almost 5 years they have been around has this been a conversation.

Today I decided that my refrigerator needed cleaned. You must understand, coming from a neat-freak germaphobe like myself this probably wasn't really a necessity, but still, it ranked pretty high in my book. So, fridge gets opened, sink is filled with soap and water and off I go. This is not a simple task for me. I don't simply move things around, throw out the moldy stuff and wipe the shelves. No, for me this is quite an undertaking. Something I used to do on a monthly (at least!) basis, but now it has been pushed to every other month or so. EVERYTHING comes out of the fridge. And I mean EVERYTHING!!! Shelves included. This used to mean that my floor was littered with the remnants of my leftovers and bottles of ketchup, but having a dog and three toddlers has made me change my methodology. Now I find extra space in the nooks and crannies and line things on my counters. So here's the scene... I'm up to my elbows in soap suds. Two shelves are out of the fridge and in my sink getting baths. I wash, rinse and dry one and turn to put it back in the fridge. Well, apparently I didn't close the door all the way... perhaps something that got moved to another shelf prevented it from proper closure, but regardless, C.. my darling almost 16 month old boy.. has found a packet of batteries. Yes, I said batteries. Why are batteries in my fridge you ask? I have no idea, you'll have to ask my mother. As I turn I see that he has this packet of AAA batteries and has opened it, nimble-fingered little monster that he is, and OF COURSE has some... not just one, but THREE! in his mouth. Out came those blog worthy words.. "NO, NO, NO!!!! We don't eat batteries!!!!!!!" And then I started to laugh. I'm still chuckling actually. Who would have ever thought I would say something like that! Thankfully his teeth aren't vampire strength yet! :o)

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  1. You ARE right! I did laugh out loud! So, did his eyes light up, glow in the dark, or maybe start blinking :-)
    and to answer the batteries in the frig...we were taught it helped them 'stay' longer, but have since stopped that practice as it has been proven false.....
    but it sure made for funny story :-)


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