Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water and spiders

"It's a boy!" said the Dr. "Finally" I thought. Some days I now wonder what I was wishing for! I always said that I didn't want any girls. Too much drama. Well, I have drama sure, but it is nice that I don't have to worry about them scaling the porch swing or figuring out how to climb up the posts of the play set. This has been quite a morning for Christopher. He is active as ever... perhaps a cause of the full moon? Kaitlyn started school yesterday so maybe some of his over activity is because of the added excitement surrounding that event. Regardless of the cause I am VERY ready for rest time today. Which, of course, isn't happening easily due to the issue of Binky being lost. Today one event made me laugh. Not just a chuckle, "oh my word what am I going to do with you?" kind of a moment.. a true HA HA HA HA ROFLOL moment.

I had made the kids turkey sandwiches for lunch with grapes and crackers. Good lunch, one they typically eat without complaint. Christopher was extra hungry, and given his activity level this morning I was not surprised, so I fed him first. He was peacefully eating at the table when Phil came home. I had the brilliant idea to go talk to Phil about something while Christopher was eating...mistake. You'd think I'd learn after the 1,000 time. Anyhow.. I came back down stairs to find that Chris had cleaned his plate and placed it in the sink. My first instinct was to check the trash can. Nothing there... incredible.. he did have time enough to finish what he had been given so I didn't think twice about it. Nothing on the floor, nothing in the living room, nothing in the trash.. we're good! Give the kid a cookie and a pat on the back. Way to go bud! The girls are ready to eat so they sit down and Phil and I do as well. About 5 minutes after we started eating Chris brings me a piece of turkey. Hmmmmm... this is suspect, but perhaps I just overlooked it on the floor. Then comes another one... and a watering can which he had brought in from outside. Guess where his lunch was? Yes, it was in the watering can. Never in a million years would I have looked there. Chances are that the ants would have had a lovely picnic later this afternoon had he not shown me his hiding spot. Phil's comment? "He can eat this right? I mean, the only thing that's been in here is water...well, and spiders."

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