Saturday, September 25, 2010

That one word

I am the mother of an autistic child. I have known this for some time. The "official" diagnosis came as no surprise to me. And yet, seeing the doctor write those heart breaking words "Patient's diagnosis is confirmed- Autistic" made me want to cry. We have been on a waiting list at Childrens hospital since the end of March. We finally had our appointment this past Monday. The appointment was more for them to watch Kaitlyn play alone and to ask me questions. Lots of questions. Almost an hours worth. The doctor did a lot of writing. My tears this week have been mixed, some of relief that we will now be able to get Kait the help she needs at school and in life, and some of sorrow. I do not know yet where the road will take my darling girl. She may remain a child as she ages. She may not learn any more educationally than what she has already, and yet may be able to function in social aspects very well. Only time will tell. We have several more appointments at which they will try to determine the severity of Kaits disability. The Lord is teaching me something, that I know. The lessons that Kait has taught me in her short life are too many to number and I'm sure they will continue. Most of all I see in her, unending love and affection... Christlike... in the heart of a child. :)

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