Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have challenged myself to blog more.  So, I'm going to blog what I made for dinner last night :)  The only reason I thought to do this was because someone asked on FB what we were making for dinner.  I always have my menu scheduled (usually at least a week in advance) so I know exactly what I will need at the grocery.  Nothing like a last minute trip with three grumpy, hungry kids!  SOOOOO stressful.  Since we try to eat mostly a whole food diet (nothing processed or "prep free") I typically have to check my stock every other week or so. If all else fails I typically have spaghetti sauce and whole grain noodles on hand!  So anyhow.. My menu plan for yesterday was spinach and goat cheese calzones.  I like making calzones and pizzaish dishes because the kids will eat pretty much anything in a crust :-)  I decided to add ham and red onion to the spinach, and since there was so much "stuffing" I just made a flat pizza  instead of calzone pockets.  So.......
Spinach wilted in basil oil with rosemary and garlic...  I also caramelized some red onion and added ham to this mixture

Homemade pizza crust...this is my own recipe for pizza dough.  Since I was baking it on a bar pan I decided to butter the pan as well.  Not something I typically do, but it turned out SOOO well.  The crust was tender and deliciously sweet.  A fantastic compliment to the savory goat cheese.

Goat cheese mixture... this is a combination of Silver Goat Chevre, Buffalo Mozerella and a little bit of Pecorino Romano.  

Pre-baking (375* for about 30 min)....


I think I have to say this is one of my favorite combinations.  The saltiness of the ham and the savory goat cheese complimented the sweet crust and the rosemary in the spinach so well.  I had a hard time not eating it all!! The kids liked it as well, though Andrea did complain that she didn't want the "green stuff".  But she even ate it and said it was "really good..even the green stuff.  I love this green stuff mommy"   :-)  That makes me happy. So... that's what we ate for dinner yesterday.  What about you?

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