Monday, April 25, 2011

Praise and Rain

It never ceases to amaze me how God brings things together every day.   It's been a very dreary weekend.. one that would typically put me in a not so good place.  But it was a good weekend.  My in-laws came down (I can just hear some of you saying.."and that was good?!?!" ).  My father in law is always incredibly busy when he comes here.  The little things that we can't do at 10 p.m. or that we're just to tired to take care of always seem to disappear when he comes to visit.  This weekend my lawn got mowed and the basement has grown walls.  It's amazing how much that man can accomplish in a few hours!  I'm very thankful for him.  On top of that, I woke up this morning to find my mom sitting on my front porch!  Now grant it, I did know last night that she would try to come, but there she was at 7:15 just sitting there reading her Bible.  What a nice surprise...especially today!  
We have been going through a lot of financial stuff lately with Kaitlyn.  Applications for disability, medicaid etc.  Well, through the whole process people keep saying to me "why don't you apply for WIC?  Why aren't you on FSA?"  I guess I never thought about getting assistance.  It's not fun being told that I can't go to the grocery store this week.  So I decided, why not.  What can they tell me but no, right?  Well, they didn't even say that!  We were able to get Andrea and Christopher both on WIC.  Doesn't sound like much, but that's 8 gallons of milk, 4 loaves of bread and several other things every month!  Certainly will help with our grocery bill!!   Praise the Lord.  And while I was there they told me to apply not only for FSA (food stamp assistance) as we will qualify for that, but also for Medicaid for the kids.  That would cover Dental and vision that they don't have right now.
 I just can't help but be thankful this can alleviate some of Phil's stress about his job.  Plus, the special school that we have been discussing sending Kaitlyn to, is a bit more in reach!  We can get a scholarship for her, but there is still some extra cost involved.  How awesome is my God that he can "adjust" things so that we can afford that for her without digging ourselves so far into debt that we can't see out?!?  I'm floating in joy right now.  
So I read my devotions before I posted here.  I try to get at least a 5 minute blip in during the bit of quiet I get every day.  Today's passage?  I Chronicles 16:7-36  Verse 34 jumped off the page and bit me on the nose!!!  "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;  his love endures forever."  I celebrated my Lords resurrection yesterday, and today  He (once again) showed his incredible, unending love that leaves me utterly speechless.   ....Ok, so not totally speechless ;-)

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