Saturday, June 25, 2011

A night of elegance

So last week I got this call..... "Hi, Lydia?"  yes..... "Hi, this is Olivia from 104.9 the River.  I was just calling to let you know that you won our 'Moms Night Out' contest." .... um what?!?  I did?  When did I enter that? ... "Well, you submitted an essay about why you and your other special needs mom friends deserve a night out.  We agree with you and we'd like to give you one."  Oh yeah... Wow was that a good morning for me!  I had totally forgotten that several weeks earlier I had stumbled upon a contest page and decided to submit an essay about why I deserved a night out.... off really, doesn't even necessarily have to be out!!  So I called my friends... said COME WITH ME!!!!  They said, Of course! Sounds like fun! but then... :-(  I was very sad as each one of them called or e-mailed and said that for one reason or another they weren't able to make it.  Only one could come.  My pastors wife (and new friend) Sarah.  Even as disappointed as I was that no one else could make it, it was a very nice time of visiting with Sarah.  Something we likely wouldn't have had otherwise.  We got to tour million dollar homes and laugh at dog showers in the laundry room and fabric for wallpaper.  And discuss how we couldn't really see our kids having fun in these houses... too much to break!! It really got me thinking about American materialism.  Not that materialism isn't a European thing too, but it seems soooooo much less.  We Americans are all about having more than the Joanses.  Forget just trying to keep up anymore.  Now we have to have two people in our home working 80+ hours a week just to maintain our homes and pay our housekeepers.. because we don't have time to clean!!!  Honestly, if someone gave me one of those houses, I don't think I would keep it.  And if I did I would have or adopt a dozen kids to fill it up!!!  but boy would it be lonely when they all went off on their own.  I feel bad for people that don't know how else to fill the emptiness in their heart but by getting bigger and better things.  It was fun to admire for a time, but when I came home I was even more grateful for what we have.  My kids can play in my house without fear, and honestly, if something breaks oh well.  It was likely $5 at TJMaxx or $2 at a garage sale!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I love the farm... and the farmers market.  Best thing of all summer! We spent all morning at a farm about 40 min north of here.  The kids had much fun chasing the chickens and getting their clothes eaten by the goats.  I was looking forward to rummaging through their garden and getting some pickins that I don't have, but alas, there wasn't much.  I did get a few zucchini as mine aren't quite ready yet.. and I hunted through the asparagus forest to find a few tender morsels left.  I also got some kale.. I'm looking forward to creating something with that later this week.  Anyhow, at the farmers market this afternoon (we have one here every Tuesday from 4-7) I was rewarded with carrots, strawberries, a few gluten free treats (I make so much it was kind of nice to pick up some cookies for the kids that didn't require my time!!!) and even some biscuits for Axl.  I had planned on taking pictures of my meal tonight, but it was consumed too quickly :)  That's usually a good thing!  We had grass-fed lean beef fillets... perfectly grilled and seasoned by my talented hubson.  Then I sauteed in olive oil the bit of asparagus I had with some carrots, zucchini, garlic, rosemary and oregano.....OH MY WORD!!!  SO good.  We topped the evening off with gluten free almond-honey muffins topped with strawberries.  The only thing I wish I had was whipping cream.  I usually have some in my fridge, I have been off the ball lately at the grocery.  Definitely a must get the next time I'm out.  OH... I got some really cool cheese today too that we've never tried.  It's called halloumi and you serve it grilled or sauteed.  Since we had the grill fired up Phil threw it on there.  SOO yummy.  I'll have to get some more next week... though at $18 a pound it is quite a treat! :-)  Yay for summer menus.... what's your favorite summer eat??

Constantly Amazed (also posted on- A Puzzle on the Rainbow)

I am always taken aback with the things God does for our family.  I don't know why, I shouldn't be!  Two weeks ago I was out to get my hair trimmed.  My regular girl was running a bit behind and I wasn't able to get my color done as I had expected, so I was done early.  I needed a break from the kids, so I decided to go shopping.  I have never been into Loft - and I will DEFINITELY be back, but that's another post!- and since it was right next door I decided to take a gander.  With my hearing loss I don't typically hear conversations in a store like that.  Even if I can  hear some things, unless I'm right next to the conversing people, I don't understand most of what is said.  Well, God can even work that kind of thing!  I was in the back corner of the store looking through the clearance rack (my favorite place in ANY store!) and I heard as clearly as if they had been standing behind me "Yeah, I just graduated with my Masters in Special Ed and I have no clue what to do for the summer." ...... Ummmmmm, I can help you with that!!!!  Long story shortened, Rycki, the sales clerk, has been working at Oakstone - and autism school here- and had something happen that she was out of a job for the summer.  There are a lot of other details, but God has provided us with an ABA therapist for the summer.  She's a fabulous girl, she lives just 1 mile away from us, and on top of everything else... she's a Christian.  Isn't God awesome?!?!:?!?!?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

But I WANT it... :-(

Yesterday at 8:26 a.m. my son asked me "I has canny momby?"  UMMMM NO!!  Candy at 8 in the morning?!?  I think not.  Promptly that wicked lower lip made an appearance.  Then came the tears.  I wanted to laugh, but I knew it wouldn't help the situation.  Then yesterday, shortly after said interaction, I was doing my devotions (one of the nice things about being at my moms by the way... I can actually get my devotions in before 10 pm!) in Job.  I have a fantastic devotional Bible that I just love.  There are short devotionals through out the Bible that I can do in just a few minutes, or I can take the extra passages listed and make a nice study out of if I have the time.  So anyhow... I was reading my devotional passage in Job and it was the part where Job was asking God to JUST STOP!!! (I don't blame him by the way!)  Then another of the passages was in the NT where Paul is asking God to take away the "thorn in his flesh".  Both instances were NO answers from God.  That doesn't mean that he didn't answer, or that he was ignoring the request, but  he said NO.  My children think that I'm the meanest mommy in the world when I tell them no to something that they really really want.  But often times it's because it's the best thing for them at the time... like not eating candy at 8 in the morning!  So why do I not get sometimes that God's no's to me are for my best too??  No, I don't sit around with a pout (well, sometimes, but not that most people would see!) but I still have a pouting attitude.  What right do I have to pout if God says no?  Doesn't he promise to only do what is best for me? So if he says that he will give me his best, what right do I have to pout at the no's??? Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart".  WILL give, not may or might.. WILL.  So thinking as a parent, sometimes I do let my kids have candy... not at 8 in the morning, but perhaps after lunch.  It's a special reward in our house, not a regular occurrence, but it does happen.  So if my no answer is truly a desire of my heart, which I guarantee.. IT IS!!, then NO isn't really a NO is it?  It's more of a wait... I can do that :-)  So I wait.. and if it truly is a NO, I believe that God will change the desire of my heart.  Because truthfully, I want nothing more or less than what God has planned for us.
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