Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Constantly Amazed (also posted on- A Puzzle on the Rainbow)

I am always taken aback with the things God does for our family.  I don't know why, I shouldn't be!  Two weeks ago I was out to get my hair trimmed.  My regular girl was running a bit behind and I wasn't able to get my color done as I had expected, so I was done early.  I needed a break from the kids, so I decided to go shopping.  I have never been into Loft - and I will DEFINITELY be back, but that's another post!- and since it was right next door I decided to take a gander.  With my hearing loss I don't typically hear conversations in a store like that.  Even if I can  hear some things, unless I'm right next to the conversing people, I don't understand most of what is said.  Well, God can even work that kind of thing!  I was in the back corner of the store looking through the clearance rack (my favorite place in ANY store!) and I heard as clearly as if they had been standing behind me "Yeah, I just graduated with my Masters in Special Ed and I have no clue what to do for the summer." ...... Ummmmmm, I can help you with that!!!!  Long story shortened, Rycki, the sales clerk, has been working at Oakstone - and autism school here- and had something happen that she was out of a job for the summer.  There are a lot of other details, but God has provided us with an ABA therapist for the summer.  She's a fabulous girl, she lives just 1 mile away from us, and on top of everything else... she's a Christian.  Isn't God awesome?!?!:?!?!?

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