Saturday, June 25, 2011

A night of elegance

So last week I got this call..... "Hi, Lydia?"  yes..... "Hi, this is Olivia from 104.9 the River.  I was just calling to let you know that you won our 'Moms Night Out' contest." .... um what?!?  I did?  When did I enter that? ... "Well, you submitted an essay about why you and your other special needs mom friends deserve a night out.  We agree with you and we'd like to give you one."  Oh yeah... Wow was that a good morning for me!  I had totally forgotten that several weeks earlier I had stumbled upon a contest page and decided to submit an essay about why I deserved a night out.... off really, doesn't even necessarily have to be out!!  So I called my friends... said COME WITH ME!!!!  They said, Of course! Sounds like fun! but then... :-(  I was very sad as each one of them called or e-mailed and said that for one reason or another they weren't able to make it.  Only one could come.  My pastors wife (and new friend) Sarah.  Even as disappointed as I was that no one else could make it, it was a very nice time of visiting with Sarah.  Something we likely wouldn't have had otherwise.  We got to tour million dollar homes and laugh at dog showers in the laundry room and fabric for wallpaper.  And discuss how we couldn't really see our kids having fun in these houses... too much to break!! It really got me thinking about American materialism.  Not that materialism isn't a European thing too, but it seems soooooo much less.  We Americans are all about having more than the Joanses.  Forget just trying to keep up anymore.  Now we have to have two people in our home working 80+ hours a week just to maintain our homes and pay our housekeepers.. because we don't have time to clean!!!  Honestly, if someone gave me one of those houses, I don't think I would keep it.  And if I did I would have or adopt a dozen kids to fill it up!!!  but boy would it be lonely when they all went off on their own.  I feel bad for people that don't know how else to fill the emptiness in their heart but by getting bigger and better things.  It was fun to admire for a time, but when I came home I was even more grateful for what we have.  My kids can play in my house without fear, and honestly, if something breaks oh well.  It was likely $5 at TJMaxx or $2 at a garage sale!!!!

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