Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I love the farm... and the farmers market.  Best thing of all summer! We spent all morning at a farm about 40 min north of here.  The kids had much fun chasing the chickens and getting their clothes eaten by the goats.  I was looking forward to rummaging through their garden and getting some pickins that I don't have, but alas, there wasn't much.  I did get a few zucchini as mine aren't quite ready yet.. and I hunted through the asparagus forest to find a few tender morsels left.  I also got some kale.. I'm looking forward to creating something with that later this week.  Anyhow, at the farmers market this afternoon (we have one here every Tuesday from 4-7) I was rewarded with carrots, strawberries, a few gluten free treats (I make so much it was kind of nice to pick up some cookies for the kids that didn't require my time!!!) and even some biscuits for Axl.  I had planned on taking pictures of my meal tonight, but it was consumed too quickly :)  That's usually a good thing!  We had grass-fed lean beef fillets... perfectly grilled and seasoned by my talented hubson.  Then I sauteed in olive oil the bit of asparagus I had with some carrots, zucchini, garlic, rosemary and oregano.....OH MY WORD!!!  SO good.  We topped the evening off with gluten free almond-honey muffins topped with strawberries.  The only thing I wish I had was whipping cream.  I usually have some in my fridge, I have been off the ball lately at the grocery.  Definitely a must get the next time I'm out.  OH... I got some really cool cheese today too that we've never tried.  It's called halloumi and you serve it grilled or sauteed.  Since we had the grill fired up Phil threw it on there.  SOO yummy.  I'll have to get some more next week... though at $18 a pound it is quite a treat! :-)  Yay for summer menus.... what's your favorite summer eat??

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