Monday, July 25, 2011

My last year of youth

29.  That is my age as of today.  Next year I will be 30.  Most of my friends are 30.  What happened?  I swear when I went to bed yesterday I was 23.  Oh well... I choose, get that???  I CHOOSE to revel in my age.  I can pass for 21..barely.  Most people think I'm about 18.  I like that :-)  In another 10 years I will like it even more.  I'm excited to turn 30... that means I'll actually be smart about something, right?  Maybe it will mean that I'd better GET smart about something!  Only thing I don't like about my age??? Stuff doesn't go away like it used to.  Like those pesky pounds.  I used to hate my grey hair.  I'm kind of digging it now.  We'll see how long I keep up with that attitude!  Phil and I went shopping today.  Went into a store that I kind of like... trendy, but not crazy.  I decided that if I've worn in once in my life I probably shouldn't be shopping in a store that sells it as "new".

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