Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Okay, I'm trying to earn an Ipad for Kaitlyn.  I say "earn" and not "win" because it is just that.  I'm not in a contest, I'm just working with a jeweler who makes Autism awareness stuff.  If we sell 60 pieces for her she will give us an Ipad.  So.. how can you help us????  Purchase something!!!  There is a necklace and a keychain that retail for $20 a piece.  That's not so much is it??  For those of us that know me, you've likely heard me go on and on about how much I want to get Kaitlyn an Ipad.  I would use funding for it, but since it can be used by other members of the family, I'm not allowed.  I can use funding for all the apps I want to put on it though.  So help me!!!  Everyone needs a keychain in their life :)

The Puzzling Piece Ipad Challenge
The Ipad challenge is about enabling children with autism to reach their fullest potential with technology while raising awareness.  Sixty pieces sold puts an Ipad in the hands of a child with autism!
GIVE a gift that gives back to the kids!
Visit & order yours!  Please make sure to add the name of the challenger (Lydia Palinkas) when you place your order!!!

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