Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy days..

Most of my days are rather hectic.  I'm used to that.. but this week has been completely insane.  Phil has been interviewing for a new job.  On Tuesday we found out that he got it.  That's fantastic, but it means I only have 2.5 weeks to get everything figured out for Kaitlyn.  Anyone with a special needs child understands everything that goes into typical life.  There is a lot more involved in getting her registered for school than simply filing the paperwork.  There are evaluations and dr appointments and home visits from the county.  And all this can't even begin until we actually have a home!  AHHHH... BUT  I have an awesome God.  My house might be a mess... I may be pulling my hair out trying to figure out who needs to speak with whom, but He knows all that.  Every step of the path has been set out before us.  Some days I feel like I'm walking said path blindfolded, but if I keep listening for His voice I make it just fine :-)  So, if you're in the department of prayer, send one up for us!  Pray that we will be able to sell our home here and find one there quickly.  Pray that we will be able to get Kait into the right school.  That we will not lose ground that we have gained this past year.  And, though the kids definitely sense the stress in our home, that Phil and I will be able to keep the house their safe place.  That this will be an exciting time for all of us and not a nightmare!  <------  That mainly depends on mama's attitude through the whole thing!   <3 L

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