Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So I really need to get in the habit of taking a picture every day no matter what.  Last week I didn't even post because I had no pictures.. I did get dressed, I promise!  This week it's a whopping one outfit, but it's a picture!  Next week.. it's on my list, literally.

The littles always have to have a picture... they're better dressed than I!!!

Me and 2 littles, oh yeah.. and Axl.

Not sure why these are sideways.. they weren't when I uploaded!  Top- gift, Skinny jeans- Loft (only place I can find curvy petites!!  LOVE that store)
 Ponytail because I was curly but it was too hot to leave down.  Earings- Gift from Lily Noelle's shop

Necklace- birthday gift from my hubson and momma.

Shoes, my favorite ballet flats.. leopard print!!  From Kohls clearance... even better right??

Aren't they incredible??

That's it...  I'm not exactly a style setter anyhow!

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  1. You look great! That color of the shirt is fabulous, and so are the shoes! Visting from WIWW.


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