Monday, January 2, 2012


It's hard to believe that it's 2012.  What a year 2011 was! So much has gone on since my last post.. August.. what a good blogger!  There has been so much going on I guess most of the nights I feel like there is too much to talk about.  Well, it may be a long post, but here is  run down.

September 2011- Phil was hired with 5/3rd bank and officially put in his 2 weeks.  So excited to move home.  We put out house on the market with full expectation that it would take AT LEAST 6 weeks to sell.  WRONG.  We listed the house on Friday, it sold, with contracts signed and financing done the following Thursday.  Sunday Phil left for 2 weeks of training out of town.  So I packed.  I had a good amount of help and was able to get everything done in a week.  Saturday we got the moving truck, packed up and moved all of our things to a storage unit 4 hours away.  Home.  Back to my roots.  The following week we spent with Phil at his hotel and then came back to move in with my mom.  OH yeah, found out in August we're pregnant again.  VERY excited!!

October 2011- Looking for houses.. getting pretty frustrated.  Made offers on two different places to no avail. We know that our house is out there, it's the finding it that gets frustrating.  I'm homeschooling the kids and getting a bit frustrated with Kaitlyn.  It's hard to teach any autistic child, but even more difficult when you don't really have a space to associate with school and have a schedule that is different every day.

November 2011- Put an offer on a house... it was accepted!  So excited.  Seems like maybe there will be an end after all.  The week of Thanksgiving my moms neighbor died.  That was tough.  Known him since we moved here when I was 2.  Like losing a well loved uncle.  Kaitlyn started school 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  It's been so nice to have a regular schedule again.  She is enjoying it very much, though I can't say I'm too impressed in what they're doing for her.  I'll have to wait and see how it goes I guess.

December 2011- Got keys for our house on the 1st.  What a great belated birthday present for Phil. Let the work begin.. We are gutting the downstairs... that is a whole different post!!  Lots of work, running around etc. Busy busy month.  December 11th my grandfather passed away.  Again, a whole different post will be required to talk about him.  A very bright light went out in my corner of the world.  I posted an article about my grandpa here a few years ago.  December 20th the pastor emeritus of the church I grew up in passed away.  Three funerals in three weeks is not fun.  What an emotional holiday season this has been!!

January 2012- Here we are.. again I can't believe it's 2012!  I remember being in elementary school and thinking that 2000 would NEVER come.  12 years out of High School, 9 years out of college... 9 years married this year... Phil and I have been together for 11.  I'm not old enough for this!!  But I have learned so much over the last year.  Learned about myself, the strength of which I am capable.  The tenacity that resides in my bones.  This year I will not be scared.  I refuse to view things with an underlying fear of failure. I'm sure I will fall over the course of the year, but I resolve to stand up again.  I will not lie down and just give up the fight.  And I, as well as my family, will be better for it!

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