Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Encouragement

It's crazy how God encourages us sometimes.  Totally random things that come from no where and literally smack us in the face to say "HEY!!!  I'm here and I love you and I care about you. SMILE!!"   Case in point.......I was having a horrible day today.  Phil works on Saturdays until 1- can't complain about that too much, he gets a full day off during the week and only has to work a 1/2 day to "make up" for it!!- so I take the kids to GYM (Gym Youth Ministry) at our church.  The girls get to play for a few hours and Christopher gets some much needed "alone" time with mommy.  Well, today I couldn't get into my car.  Thanks Ohio for getting me used to leaving the car outside with no issues... I totally forgot it was still February until you decided to dump 4 inches of snow on me and freeze my car shut overnight! Great start... the kids have been sick so they were really looking forward to going somewhere.  I was looking forward to a slight bit more quiet!  Anyhow... when a day starts in a funk it's hard to get out of it.  Well Phil got home and we had some errand running to do.  He noticed my lack of enthusiasm and said "Hey, we have Kohls cash, want to stop over there?"... uhhhhh DUH!! yes thank you!  Now, I don't always say Kohls has the best deals, but their sales are typically pretty good.  I do enjoy looking around, though I don't always find something.  But hey, with $20 in your pocket that expires you can find SOMETHING!!!  So we walk in to see a sign that says "Take an extra 40% off all clearance items"... GoldStar clearance time I guess.  Phil got a winter coat last week for $36 and I thought that was pretty good.  We made some purchases for kids birthdays and such, got Phil a much needed pair of snow boots, and got some fantastic deals.  Saved over $500 (off original prices) and only spent $75.. came home with 5 pairs of shoes, and at least 3 gifts for each of the kids.  Not a bad night.  Much better end to my not so fantastic start.  Well, while we're at checkout Christopher is being his typical curious self and goes behind another register.  After a second he says "Hey mommy, your bottle is here."   What does that mean??  well, last week I lost my water bottle.  Not a horrible thing, but it was BRAND NEW... made me rather upset, but hey, it's a water bottle, not a kid.  Sure enough Phil looked, and there it was... right under the register behind us.  So totally random... it still had water in it.  There was my burst of sunshine.  Random encouragement. Such a nice thing given the past week's turmoil with meetings and such... more about that HERE

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