Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Throwing up my heart...

Ok, just a warning, I'm posting something rather personal today.  This is a bit of insite into me I guess.  I found a journal of poems I wrote from 1996-2000.  One of them I wrote at camp, the night I was saved, in July of 1997.  I thought I'd post it... for why I have no idea, but I thought maybe someone somewhere would like to read it.  Yes, I'm throwing up my heart on my blog, so be nice!!!

My Prayer- Lydia Orban
Tonight I walked in silence
To find my lost souls home.
Tonight I cried through pain
I’m bearing on my own.
Then someone took my hand
And showed me that you cared.
They said you died to save
My lost soul from despair.
I’ve know that this was true
And that you gave your Son
To die, my soul to save.
That victory he’s won.
I thought I gave my life to you
So many years ago.
And yet, still in sin,
My heart is wandering so.
I want your gift of grace
So badly to receive
That I may find true rest
And my soul may find relief.
So Lord, I’m asking now,
Please give me strength today
To overcome life’s trials and fears
And live for You each day.

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