Saturday, September 22, 2012

A crazy week

So since I’m so awful at actually logging in to my blog and typing something there, I’ve started a blog file in Word.  Perhaps sometimes my posts will seem a bit rugged or scatterbrained, I assure you, that’s just me.  My brain doesn’t think in a straight line. 

My washing machine decided to stop working last weekend.  It would fill itself up with water and just stop.  Quite annoying.  I discovered this little annoyance when I tried to wash a load of diapers.  Needless to say, it stunk.  Sat there all day Sunday and most of Monday.  Tried to spin it out on Tuesday (only then because I forgot about it Sunday afternoon!)  and it still wouldn’t work.  Because it’s an HE front loader I couldn’t open the door either.  What to do.  Phil was home on Wednesday (sick unfortunately) and he was able to take a look at it.  After much prodding and internet searching we discovered that there is a removable panel on the front of the washer.  Who knew.. and behind said panel is a wonderful little filter that sits just before the water pump.  This is great because it apparently catches the socks that my washer eats.. and the nails, and pennies and countless other things.  Gross nasty socks.. had that washer for 7 years and never knew that filter was there.  Who knows how long that sock has been there.  From the looks of it, quite some time.  But my washer is fixed, and working beautifully.  I have rewashed everything, and socks will be in a garment bag from this day forth!

My excitement for the week came last night in a wonderful little e-mail titled “Congratulations”.  First thought in my head…. SPAM!!  But alas, it wasn’t!!  I had entered a drawing on one of the blogs I follow.. The Pleated Poppy .. for a gift certificate to a wonderful little Etsy shop called The Throne of Grace.  I can’t say that I never win anything, because I have several times, but each and every time it catches me totally off guard.  I was so excited last night I was talking during movie night.. a big no-no in our house!!  So I’m excited to see what I ordered.  They sell these really cool prayer journals.  That’s what I decided to order, I’m excited to start using it!

Last Saturday Phil and I got a date night.  We started trading kids with some friends.  Once a month we or they get a date night.  Last month was their turn, so we took their kids for an evening.  This month was our turn.  We had quite a fun time.  We dropped the littles off and headed to Big Lots.  Sound weird?  It was a challenge.. we each had $10 to spend and we had to find something as a gift for the other.  Not just anything, it had to mean something, and we had to be able to tell what it meant.  It’s harder than it sounds!  I originally considered doing it at the dollar store with just $1 for each of us.  I gave Phil the power of how much was spent and where we spent it.  After that excursion we headed to a local park and had our packed picnic dinner.  A French baguette, dipping oil, fruit, veggies and cheese.  People don’t have picnics like that much anymore!  The last families I have seen having a picnic have KFC or burgers!!  So anyhow, while we ate I had printed a list of “Pillow Talk” questions.  Things like “Who do you admire?” and “What is something you would like to do before you die?”.   Our date rule (a while standing) is that there is not to be any talk of kids, finances or home improvements.  Those are things we can talk about every other night of the month.  The only problem with that rule is it often leads to a lot of chewing and starring.  Then we leave our date night feeling like we spent no time together at all.  A list of topics or questions helps immensely!  So after we chatted a while we gave our gifts.  They were rather silly, but quite touching.  Smiles all around.  Then we went for a walk.  The park we were at has nice trails along the Chagrin River.  We saw an 8 point buck just yards away.  Got some wonderful pictures of him.  Then we headed to Starbucks for dessert.  Any time we’re at Starbucks we do our best to come up with a million dollar idea… we have yet to succeed.  I can’t believe we haven’t come up with anything yet.  I saw something ridiculous just this morning being sold on TV….a pump for your drink container.  Seriously, like a pump on a lotion bottle.  You screw it into your gallon of milk and your kid can pump the milk into their own cereal in the morning without spilling all over the table.  If that kind of stuff sells WHY haven’t we made our million yet?!?!?  Oh well, perhaps next trip we will come up with something equally stupid. 

Well.. I have posted.  Check that off the list for today :-P 

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