Saturday, September 15, 2012


So all good intentions still existing, I have failed in my first week's attempt of making sure I post something every few days.  That being said, I do have an excuse.  I have been sick.  Not only have I been sick, but Joey (the 4 month old) has as well :o(  poor baby.  A stuffy nose is hard to contend with when you're not quite sure how to breath out of your mouth or sleep without sucking your thumb!  Thankfully we are on the road to recovery!  Mom's don't get sick days, but it was quite a blessing that Phil was able to be home on Tuesday when I was at my worst.  I went to bed at 8 (I think I was in bed before the kids!) and Wednesday I awoke feeling much better.  Unfortunately, a very busy week with a sick mom leads to a disaster of a house.  And Friday I added to the disaster by re-covering (with help) all of my chairs.  Not just the dining room chairs but the desk chair and my craft room chair too.  Quite a fun (but messy) project.  I have to say though, they look FANTASTIC!  When I get the chairs painted I'll post pictures.  Okay, now off to clean the bathrooms, make beds and hopefully take a shower before Phil gets home from work.  We get a date tonight!!!  So excited :o)  I LOVE living near friends and family again!  We're trading off babysitting with friends every other month.  It's nice to have that guaranteed fee-free babysitter once in a while!  I found a fabulous website for "dating your spouse" ideas.  I'm having LOTS of fun with it!  This will be our first "out of the house" adventure.  Perhaps that will be one of my posts next week!  ~ L

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