Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our journey to Phoenix- Part 1

I mentioned that I was going to be sharing more of our journey to Phoenix in the next few weeks.  I wrote everything in a journal as it was happening, so today I am going to share the first two of those journal entries.  I may not share the entire entry each time, but I thought this would be the most concise way of going through the entire event :)  Happy reading!

Multiple people have encouraged me to write about our answers to prayer over the last several months.  I have finally decided to begin writing everything down.

In August of last year Phil lost his job.  At that time we figured that it would be a nice "vacation". Phil immediately filed for unemployment and housing assistance, though I, at the time, considered that unnecessary. Six months went by and unemployment ended.  That same month we found out that Save the Dream was going to take over our mortgage.  Answer #1.  During the course of those six months we had several family members ask if we had considered moving.  I dug my feet in and said NO!!!  but in the back of my head I knew that a move was likely in our future.  I prayed that the Lord would help me be willing to go if He lead.

In April, Phil decided to take a police physical. he has always wanted to go into law enforcement, but was never sure enough of himself to pursue it.  He passed the physical and was asked back to test.  He passed the written test as well... #24 out of almost 300 people!  Huge answer #2.  Because that department was only filing one position, he was not asked back immediately, but was informed that he would remain on "the list".  He decided that it was time to look into other departments.  Once again Arizona came up in conversations with multiple people.  Phil decided to look into departments there and found three that were open for testing.

7/28/14 - due to kid interruptions my thoughts sometimes span days :)
Phil applied to each of the departments and we began to pray that if this was NOT the move we were to take, God would take the jobs off the table.  At the beginning of June we found out that he was accepted to all three departments.  At that point I felt a move was inevitable and began to prepare myself. About the 3rd week of June, the 15th to be exact, Phil said we should update our house posting on Zillow and put a "make me move" price.  We did that.  It was a Sunday evening around 10 p.m.  We planned to clean and take nice pictures the next day.  On Monday, the 16th, at 10:23 a.m. we received a call asking for a showing.  We agreed to Friday evening.  We let them know that we were in the process of posting pictures as well.

On Friday it was clear that the couple was VERY interested in the house.  They came in the door with looks of expectation and excitement on their faces.  The walk through went wonderfully.  They raved about all the work we had done and commented that when they saw the pictures they "were completely sold and this pretty much seals the deal".

Saturday morning they called asking if they could do a second walk-through.  After that walk through they placed an offer on the table.  We took Sunday to pray over it.  I could not get past God pushing us away from everything.. AGAIN.  At church I was a mess.  The thought that I was leaving my church family as well as my physical family completely devastated me.  I ended up having to leave the service and was in the restroom crying when a friend came in and gave me a hug.  That did not help one bit!!  Having all this inside and not being able to share it was just too much.  She didn't need to know why, she just hugged me and said she would be praying for whatever it was.  I love friends like that!!

On Monday morning we countered the offer and they accepted.  Then things began to get really interesting.

Our buyers decided to have a very thorough inspection done as they were applying for a VA loan and the VA can be very picky.  I was certain there would be a few issues, and there were, but they were all very minor.  Still the VA inspection and appraisal were looming over our heads.  I wondered if this was how God would give us our "NO".

Phil had to leave for his testing in Arizona, so during the next several weeks I was alone.  This was not the best time for me to be solo because A LOT was going on!! But, that's how it was and there was nothing I could do about it. I prayed continuously that I would be able to get through everything well.  With not having a Realtor I had to do the inspection and appraisal and I was very nervous about that.

The day of inspection came and the inspector was 30 minutes late.  When he got out of the car it was evident he was up in age, likely mid to late 70s.  I didn't realize until that evening that this gnetleman was completing both the inspection and appraisal.  Apparently that is very unusual (God thing #1).  He completed the inspection by walking around the house and snapping a few pictures.  No probing, no investigating, no pulling stuff out of the wall.  (God thing #2) He then asked me a series of questions.  When did we do the work.. what did we do?  One question he asked that I found very odd.. "What is the agreed sales price?"  He was in my house for 32 minutes.  Then he left and that was that.

A few days later Phil got a call from the inspector asking how we came up with our asking price.  He wanted a list of comparable properties that got us to the agreed sale price.  (God thing #3)  This was the most unusual inspection and appraisal we have ever been through.  The appraisal came through at exactly the dollar amount we agreed as a sales price.  The appraiser made it very clear that he wanted to get this done for us. There is no question that he was sent by God!

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