Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Journey to Phoenix- Part 2

I mentioned that I was going to be sharing more of our journey to Phoenix in the next few weeks.  I wrote everything in a journal as it was happening, so today I am going to share a few of those journal entries.  I may not share the entire entry each time, but I thought this would be the most concise way of going through the entire event :)  Happy reading!

All along the way we have had signs making this move more and more clearly directed.   Every piece of furniture, every little expense.  We received a dissappointing NO from one department and eyt that same day God showed himself in a rainbow while we were praying together.  It was as if He was saying "Trust my promises.  I am faithful."  Over and over I have been reminded that "He who has called [us] is holy and faithful" and that "The Lord blesses them that follow Him".  When we looked into apartments, we found one that (#1) was 3 bedrooms- a rather elusive thing-, (#2) was right by the "tot lot" and (#3) had for it's home (or assigned) elementary school the #1 pick from the Autism society we had contacted.  

Isaiah 58:11 is the theme verse of my blog.  It states that "I (the Lord) will satisfy your desires in a scorched place. You will be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."  I pray that through this move, we, as a family, will be that well watered garden in a scorched land, both literally as well as figuratively!

8/7/14 - It is no fun preparing for a move alone... I have done it enough to know!  The space between my journal entries and the brevity of those entries testifies to my lack of time.

Phil left today with the moving truck.  I have decided to list things that happened along this path just so I can see them all lined up.  They may not be in the correct order.
                                     - Received an offer on the house without ever really listing it.
                                     - Sold Phils car one week before he left
                                     - Got "yes" from all three possible departments
                                     - Found job listings 1 week prior to the application being closed (this was                                             true of all the departments he applied for here)
                                     -  Sold dining set- Lady couldn't get it right away so she sent a deposit and                                         we had a table for 2 weeks longer.  Found a set in AZ for $100 less than                                         we sold ours for!
                                     - Inspection and appraisal (note previous entry)
                                     - No from our #1 pick, but rainbow in the sky the same day reminding us                                            that God is faithful concerning his promises.
                                     - Found out that our #1 pick was retesting again in September
                                     - Found apartment that...
                                             - was ready August 10th (I flew in on the 11th and had already                                                             purchased tickets)
                                             - was fine with Axle (our dog)
                                             - in top school for Kait
                                             - less than 1 mile from school- and all three kids can be at the same                                                  school!!!
                                            - pool and tot lot close
                                            - 3 bedrooms
                                     -  Found out that, in addition to the cousins in the area already, my aunt                                                and uncle are moving shortly after we do!

I have been encouraged every step of the way with this move.  I have never once been unsure, or felt insecure about it.  That is 100% God.  How can I be scared when He is so clearly moving?

There are so many more things I can note.  Big things, like how God provided a work from home position for me when I wasn't even looking for a job and little things, like a brand new Brita water pitcher (the tap water here is HORRIBLE!!) for $2 at Goodwill.  Every step has been guided.  I know there will be days of discouragement ahead.  I have had a few, but knowing, without a shadow of doubt, that this was God's move and not our move makes those days a bit more bearable. 

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