Friday, August 7, 2015


I love to write.  I enjoy putting emotion to paper.  It is cathartic for me I think.  Still, there are times that writing just seems too difficult.  Days turn to weeks, weeks to months and before I realize it I have so much built up inside, I no longer know how I feel, let alone how to put it down on paper.

I have been tapped out recently.  Between the anxiety of having kids home all summer and working my nerves have been shot.  Running has been a great release.  The quiet space.  The endorphin rush.  The fresh air.  It makes a space in my head that I can't get otherwise.

Why do we need that space?  I guess why do I need that space.  I never thought of myself as an introvert.  I have come to decide that I'm an extroverted introvert.  I enjoy people and conversation, but I need alone and quiet to recharge.  I am drained by large crowds.  Quiet conversations or reading a book are my recharge places.

I used to get a recharge by writing.  Maybe I should go back to that.  Who knows, maybe it will be another 17 months before I have anything more to say.
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